Rhodri’s Welsh Labour

Rhodri Morgan Tribute.jpgThis is a blog I wrote in 2009 in preparation for the book, Dragons led by Poodles.

September 26, 2009

Anthracite and gossamer
Rhodri Morgan’s creed is the anthracite Labour of Aneurin Bevan and Jim Griffiths not the gossamer Labour-lite of Blair and Mandelson.

The ugly power grab by Tony Blair to choose Wales’ first leader for centuries eventually helped Rhodri. He was unquestionably Wales’ choice triumphing over London’s choice. Wales was blighted by generations of politicians promising home rule who failed at Westminster. Rhodri’s generation honoured the dream. Never again, will we have alien princes and governor generals imposed on us.

In awe we witness the outpourings of his encyclopaedic brain reminiscent of the poet’s schoolmaster, ‘and still they gazed and still the wonder grew that one small head could carry all he knew’.

Rhodri’s language is direct, honest and unadorned. When New Labour explained the credit crunch in soothing verbal ectoplasm, Rhodri was asked what will happen. ‘God knows’ he said. We all understood that. In spite of few opposition corgis snapping at his heels, Rhodri’s popularity continues to soar. He is a beacon of straight forward honesty in the cascading mire of sleaze that is engulfing politics.

Comfortable in his skin and with his nation, Rhodri has led Wales with vision and courage. The deeply egalitarian personality of Wales can cwtch up to a leader that everyone knows by his first name. Sports loving, humour inspired, untidiness-phobic, history maker, beer-tasting, casual dresser, two language wordsmith, Mwnt holiday-maker,universal friend, jargon-free talker, Real Labour rooted, international Welsh diplomat and icon, Rhodri has done Wales proud.

What a shame ten years is such a short time in politics.