Cheap deception a poor state for would-be MP

In many years serving Newport as an MP I have never lied to my constituents.

My main challenger in this election begins with what is, at best, an attempt to mis-inform, at worst, a lie. She claims to be the only candidate who backs the PM’s line on Brexit. UNTRUE. I already did-by voting for Article 50. Ignorance of that fact is no excuse. I have made clear that as a Remainer as was my Tory opponent, I fully accept the democratic vote of the people of Newport. I have already been working for a good deal for Newport’s Airbus and steel jobs and for the best settlement for the environment.

Had they checked, Newport Tories, would have found that I have been very active as a member of the Welsh Affairs Committee pursuing this aim including a visit to Brussels to probe Welsh hopes post-Brexit.

This unnecessary election was called on the falsehood that parliament threatens Mrs May’s Brexit plan. Balderdash! The PM says she is worried about opposition from SNP and LibDem votes. That’s a total of 60 against 650! Some threat. The Commons voted 494 votes to 122. Even the Lords have agreed to accept Mrs May’s plan. To suggest otherwise is an untruth. What a terrible start for someone hoping to represent this city of democracy. Indulging in a cheap deception is unworthy.

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