Tories flounder and upset their core voters

Senior citizens are alarmed and upset by Tory plan.

Apart from dementia itself what could be more worrying than a Dementia Tax?  The triple whammy of blows to the income of mature citizens is bitterly resented. For decades the elderly had inflation nibbling away at the value of their real fixed incomes. Now, they greatly value benefits that are universal and protect against inflation. Means testing creates stigma of handouts. The elderly have long memories of the old despised Poor Law ignominy of the past.

The loss of universal benefits given to achieve a level of fairness will be strongly resented at a time when the Government still plan vast multi-£Billion giveaways to the super-rich. It’s no surprise that there is a backlash from senior citizens. Will the Tories do a u-turn as they did on the planned National Insurance rise? Possibly they will.

Letting the their smiling mask slip has revealed the mean face of the Nasty Party. This election is all about their ratting on their election promises of 2015 and imposing a new austerity that will degrade the NHS, pensions, environmental policies, education and welfare.

Who wants five years of that?


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