Labour Pressure forces Tory U-Turn

Labour has forced yet another Tory policy U-turn, this time on the rip off of the Severn Bridge tolls.

Theresa May’s Tories have surrendered to Welsh Labour pressure to end the Highway Robbery of Severn Bridges tolls.

Former Minister Alun Cairns planned to deceive the public by promising to cut tolls to £3.70 and then to £3.00 as though he was offering a bargain.  Then a new wheeze. It was to be cut to £1.50! Great. But bothways. Not great!  It was a con. This year the 50 year debt on the bridges will end. Any charge will then be a rip-off as local people are already paying full road taxes. The Tory con has been exposed. Toll-free bridges are our right.

This has been one of my calls in the General Election campaign following the Tories persistent refusal to end the cash cow of the bridges. In 1992, the clear promise was to end all tolls when the debts had been paid. Without this election the Tories would have persisted with the double-taxation for local bridge users.


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