2017, a unique election…

There has never been an election like this. Party loyalties are breaking down. I have been touched by the numbers from other parties who have promised to vote for me.

There is outrage that a candidate has been parachuted into Newport and accepted by Newport Tories only under the threat of disbanding their Newport party if they did not toe the party line. So many people have said to me, ‘Can you keep a secret? I am voting for you.’ My lips are sealed. The kindness of political opponents is welcome. I have long respected individuals from other parties. Many are old friends. They understand my devotion to our city above all other issues. That’s what keeps me angry and passionate.

Might mean nothing. Might mean a lot. 30 of my team were out canvassing this morning. Just 6 in a Tory picture, including 2 MPs & a Councillor!

Many are now asking the question, what will 5 years of hard right Tory Government do. Accelerating privatisation will degrade the NHS, Education, the Welfare state and put back cruelty into fox hunting. All the great reforms over the past 70 years will be under attack.


One thought on “2017, a unique election…

  1. As well as getting a comedian did you also try to get Corbyn to visit Newport for the elections or would that be counterproductive?


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