Cheap deception a poor state for would-be MP

In many years serving Newport as an MP I have never lied to my constituents.

My main challenger in this election begins with what is, at best, an attempt to mis-inform, at worst, a lie. She claims to be the only candidate who backs the PM’s line on Brexit. UNTRUE. I already did-by voting for Article 50. Ignorance of that fact is no excuse. I have made clear that as a Remainer as was my Tory opponent, I fully accept the democratic vote of the people of Newport. I have already been working for a good deal for Newport’s Airbus and steel jobs and for the best settlement for the environment.

Had they checked, Newport Tories, would have found that I have been very active as a member of the Welsh Affairs Committee pursuing this aim including a visit to Brussels to probe Welsh hopes post-Brexit.

This unnecessary election was called on the falsehood that parliament threatens Mrs May’s Brexit plan. Balderdash! The PM says she is worried about opposition from SNP and LibDem votes. That’s a total of 60 against 650! Some threat. The Commons voted 494 votes to 122. Even the Lords have agreed to accept Mrs May’s plan. To suggest otherwise is an untruth. What a terrible start for someone hoping to represent this city of democracy. Indulging in a cheap deception is unworthy.

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Deepening the Divide

There is a great deal of empty posturing from the parties after the Manchester tragedy. Most of it is unconvincing self-justification. Of course our foreign policies have increased terrorist attacks. Read below how hundreds of recruits to our armed forces were assured that putting their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan  stopped terrorists from attacking us here. I called that a ‘lie’ at the time.  I was expelled from the Commons for refusing to withdraw the word ‘lie’. It was then and remains now entirely justified. On the question of being wise before the event, in late March 2003, I wrote to Tony Blair about Iraq:

Our involvement in Bush’s war will increase the likelihood of terrorist attacks. Attacking a Muslim state without achieving a fair settlement of the Palestine–Israeli situation is an affront to Muslims, from our local mosques to the far-flung corners of the world. A pre-emptive attack of the kind we have made on Iraq will only deepen the sense of grievance among Muslims that the Western/Christian/Jewish world is out to oppress them. This will provide a propaganda victory to Osama Bin Laden and can only increase his support and the likelihood of more acts of terrorism.

In the Commons you repeated that it is an article of faith to you that Britain and the USA should have a common foreign policy. Fine when there is an American President such as Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Carter or Clinton: disastrous when it is a right wing fundamentalist Republican such as Bush.”

September 19th 2012

Hammond offered a despicable justification for more war without ending. ‘Four hundred and thirty British service personnel have given their lives, and we intend to protect that legacy by ensuring that the UK’s national security interests are protected in future by training and mentoring the Afghan national security forces.’

His argument is, to justify the waste of 430 lives by foolish politicians, more lives should be lost. Since the expulsion of al-Qaida there has been no threat to British security from Afghanistan. The Taliban attack us because we are occupying their country not because they plan terrorism on the streets of the UK.

Later on Monday afternoon I began to read the list of the fallen in Afghanistan. 25 of my Early Day Motions have filled 13 pages of the Commons motions paper for the past two weeks. I previously sought an arrangement for the full list to be read in the Commons. The Speaker courteously stopped me. ‘Mr. Flynn raised with me his view that there should be a formal oral recording, periodically, of lives lost, and asked me to look into the matter. I said that I would, and I am doing so, and I think it wise to proceed on the basis of consultation. I intend to speak very soon to the Leader of the House, the shadow Leader of the House and various others about the matter, and then to revert to the hon. Gentleman.’ I was delighted with that assurance and ended the reading.

Tuesday dawned with the news that ISAF had fallen for the precise Taliban trick that Hammond said would never fool him. Humiliated, he was dragged back again to the Commons.

I asked: ‘The role of our brave soldiers is to act as human shields for Ministers’ reputations. The danger to our soldiers has been prolonged by those on the Front Bench who have the power to stop it. Other countries have removed their soldiers and are not doing, what we are doing, in arming and training our future enemy. Is this not similar to the end of the First World War, when it was said that politicians lied and soldiers died, and the reality was, as it is now, that our brave soldier lions were being led by ministerial donkeys?’

The Speaker asked me to make clear if I was saying a Minister was lying. There was only one possible answer. My head was full of the deceptions of vain ministers since 2006, the avoidable 430 deaths and 2,000 soldiers who return home broken in mind and body.

‘Yes, ministers had lied’ I said. Exclusion was inevitable and a price worth paying.

April 16th 2016

Paul Flynn
I am very much enjoying the hon. Gentleman’s authoritative speech. Will he confirm what he has just said, because it is a matter of some importance? I was expelled from the House for saying the same thing some years ago. Will he confirm that the story that those young people going to Afghanistan were actually stopping terrorism on the streets of Britain was an untruth; that those people were deluded into going there in the belief that they were defending their families here; and that the only reason the Taliban were killing our soldiers in Afghanistan was that we were there and that as soon as we came out they lost interest? Does he think that there was a continuing deception of our soldiers, many of whom lost their lives?

Mr Adam Holloway (Tory MP)

I entirely agree with the hon. Gentleman in the sense that the original invasion of Afghanistan was highly effective and that the Afghan people essentially removed al-Qaeda and the Taliban, but unfortunately it was the disastrous NATO deployment to Afghanistan that whipped up the insurgency. I shall come on to that point in a minute if I may.

As I was saying, people do not get promoted for telling the truth. I sent my first draft of this speech to a friend who is a well-known and courageous BBC foreign correspondent. He emailed me, saying, “Reminds me of being attacked for negative coverage that I put out in Iraq and Afghanistan by officials who later admitted, either privately or in memoirs, that things were actually worse than I was saying in my news reports.”

The agony of Manchester will haunt us forever

The memories of the faces of children and others photographed in happy times have moved us all especially when we hear of the futile brutality of their deaths. The shock and hopelessness gives way to  facile solutions.

Beware the posturing of politicians and groups with vested interests. We have drifted into a world of division between the west and east which cannot be swiftly resolved. During my time on the Home Affairs Committee we sought solutions. The imperfect Prevent programme and court orders were welcomed and all found wanting. Blame was easy where the failures were paraded before the committee. Devout young Muslims complained that they had been bullied by the law for their religious beliefs.  The 7/7 murderers were not detected and frustrated by the police or secret services in spite of abundant evidence.

Solutions are demanded. They are provided-even when they are meaningless. As a result of the murder of Jo Cox all MPs have been inundated by security advice. Expensive equipment has been installed in our dwellings. It may be thought ungrateful to point out that none of these precautions would have prevented the killing of Jo. The ‘Something must be done’ political myth rules. Even when that ‘something’ is an expensive folly.

David Blunkett expressed his regret today for sending Armoured Personnel Carriers on the streets near Heathrow in 2003 when there was a claim of a possible missile attack. The public were terrified. Sending troops in to help the police protect an empty House of Commons looks like a hollow grandstanding gesture. It also invites criticism on the run-down of police numbers.

Good judgement is blurred by emotional turmoil. When parliament returns rationality should inform policy. It is excusable for any system to miss a lone wolf terrorist operating without accomplices. That appears to be the case with the Westminster terrorist armed with knives and a vehicle. But legitimate questions must be answered in the case of a terrorist who had self-advertised his murderous  intentions and terrorist connections  for years.  There is culpability.



Tories flounder and upset their core voters

Senior citizens are alarmed and upset by Tory plan.

Apart from dementia itself what could be more worrying than a Dementia Tax?  The triple whammy of blows to the income of mature citizens is bitterly resented. For decades the elderly had inflation nibbling away at the value of their real fixed incomes. Now, they greatly value benefits that are universal and protect against inflation. Means testing creates stigma of handouts. The elderly have long memories of the old despised Poor Law ignominy of the past.

The loss of universal benefits given to achieve a level of fairness will be strongly resented at a time when the Government still plan vast multi-£Billion giveaways to the super-rich. It’s no surprise that there is a backlash from senior citizens. Will the Tories do a u-turn as they did on the planned National Insurance rise? Possibly they will.

Letting the their smiling mask slip has revealed the mean face of the Nasty Party. This election is all about their ratting on their election promises of 2015 and imposing a new austerity that will degrade the NHS, pensions, environmental policies, education and welfare.

Who wants five years of that?

Will bullying and omerta work?

The Newport West campaign this time is unique and wonderful.

The previous candidates were a mixed bunch-but none were accused of cancelling an appointment with a distinguished journalist from the national press and then ‘dodging’ her phone calls. It’s eccentric PR for a candidate who is unknown in the constituency and was imposed under duress here.

Feature writer Janice Turner from the Times newspaper arranged to meet me and the Tory before embarking on the train ride from London. When Janice tried to confirm the arrangements for meeting on the train, the Tory candidate ‘cancelled the meeting then ‘dodged her phonecalls’.  Newport West has attracted UK interest as it’s the only constituency in the UK where Tory HQ has imposed a ‘shortlist’ of one. Bridgend had two and they are in open revolt. The rest of the ’empty’ constituencies had a choice of three. I have a theory about the reason which I will give at the Hustings.

There were no shortage of Newport based Tories who wanted to be on the shortlist to challenge the Cardiff based candidate who had lost her two previous elections in 2010 and 2011 and was not subsequently readopted by the constituencies where she stood or any others. The 2015 candidate in Newport West complained in a tweet that he was denied a place on the shortlist. A brilliant London-based Newport Tory is ‘hopping mad’ that he was excluded from the shortlist. The truth will come out. Former Tory candidate Iain Dale of LBC knows the inside details from an impeccable source. So do I. Iain humiliated Andrew RT Davies in a radio interview by repeating the same question 8 times.

It’s still baffling. Why should a candidate run away from national publicity in Tory sympathetic newspaper? Could it be that Tory HQ told her to pull out of the interview for fear that the reporter would ask why she was imposed. If that was the tactic it backfired. The Times reported without qualification that the Tory ‘is from Cardiff and was imposed on the constituency’.

It’s hardly started yet but it’s already almost the most interesting campaign I’ve ever had. The best was when the Tory candidate’s personal pension policy was to ‘ship Newport pensioners to Eritrea because poverty is relative.’

Three weeks to go. Time to find whether the policies of omerta and the Tory HQ bullying Newport Tories works?

Rhodri’s Welsh Labour

Rhodri Morgan Tribute.jpgThis is a blog I wrote in 2009 in preparation for the book, Dragons led by Poodles.

September 26, 2009

Anthracite and gossamer
Rhodri Morgan’s creed is the anthracite Labour of Aneurin Bevan and Jim Griffiths not the gossamer Labour-lite of Blair and Mandelson.

The ugly power grab by Tony Blair to choose Wales’ first leader for centuries eventually helped Rhodri. He was unquestionably Wales’ choice triumphing over London’s choice. Wales was blighted by generations of politicians promising home rule who failed at Westminster. Rhodri’s generation honoured the dream. Never again, will we have alien princes and governor generals imposed on us.

In awe we witness the outpourings of his encyclopaedic brain reminiscent of the poet’s schoolmaster, ‘and still they gazed and still the wonder grew that one small head could carry all he knew’.

Rhodri’s language is direct, honest and unadorned. When New Labour explained the credit crunch in soothing verbal ectoplasm, Rhodri was asked what will happen. ‘God knows’ he said. We all understood that. In spite of few opposition corgis snapping at his heels, Rhodri’s popularity continues to soar. He is a beacon of straight forward honesty in the cascading mire of sleaze that is engulfing politics.

Comfortable in his skin and with his nation, Rhodri has led Wales with vision and courage. The deeply egalitarian personality of Wales can cwtch up to a leader that everyone knows by his first name. Sports loving, humour inspired, untidiness-phobic, history maker, beer-tasting, casual dresser, two language wordsmith, Mwnt holiday-maker,universal friend, jargon-free talker, Real Labour rooted, international Welsh diplomat and icon, Rhodri has done Wales proud.

What a shame ten years is such a short time in politics.

Press treat Tory stunt with contempt

The shameless piece of Tory cynical opportunism had the treatment it deserved from the press.

BBC Wales hardly mentioned the deathbed conversion of the Tories to abolish the tolls on the Severn Bridges. Previously the Conservatives had tried to pull a fast one by trying to prove that a cut was good. It was actually an increase – from nothing to £3.00. They have behaved like fairground hucksters. Perhaps now they know they can fool some of the people only some of the time.

Some Tory candidates are leaping up and down with feigned joy. Oh Dear! They’ll learn.